100% Pure Un-Cut Okinawa Coral Calcium
Marine Grade SMP 44 Sango Mineral Powder
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Okinawa Coral Calcium
Okinawa Coral Calcium
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Product Description

Okinawa Coral Calcium
100% Pure Okinawa Ocean Bed (Marine Grade) Coral Calcium is recognized as the most bio-available form of coral calcium. It is collected from the waters of Okinawa, Japan with ecological safety. Okinawa Ocean Bed (Marine Grade) has a 2 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio -plus 74 trace minerals.

The Calcium of Natural Coral Grains

Okinawa Coral Calcium, SMP Marine Grade, comes from the remains of coral reefs and is naturally porous it is full of microscopic holes. Even the smallest grains of powdered coral calcium are a few microns in size, which is why many scientist believe this improves it absorption rate in humans - although we think the evidence for this is yet to be determined.

Coral in the reefs of Okinawa acts as a natural filter, mineralizes the water, and maintains the beauty and purity of the environment. It is collected carefully to protected the living reefs and not to harm the environment.

Why Okinawa Coral Calcium?

Okinawa Coral Calcium (marine grade SMP 44) has nature's footprint - a natural 2 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio - plus 74 trace minerals.

Coral calcium powder was, at one time, part of a living reef. And living coral absorbs and produces elements and minerals - essential to all living beings. Fossilized coral calcium retains many of these elements and minerals.


Natural Biology offered SMP Grade Okinawa Coral Calcium in 2002 for only a third of what other companies were selling it for. Today we continue to lead the price for quality coral while most companies only offer rock coral (land coral) rather than the higher grades ecologically collected from the coral beds off the shores of Okinawa.

Okinawa Coral Calcium Product Description:

  • 90 Capsules per bottle (500mg
  • 3 capsules per serving (1500mg per serving)
  • 30 servings per bottle

    Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules daily with 8 ounces of purified water.

    The Highest Quality Marine Grade

  • Each bottle contains 30 servings.
  • Each serving consist of 1500mg of clinical grade 100% Pure Marine Grade Coral Calcium from Okinawa, Japan -with 400IU Vitamin D added to increase absorption.
  • Okinawa Ocean Bed Coral Calcium is perfectly balanced with a 2 to 1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium with trace minerals.
  • This is the purest and most active Coral Calcium in the world.

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