• 1,000 mg of French Red Wine Grape Extract Per Serving
  • The Purest and Most Natural Form of Resveratrol
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    Each servings provides you with the benefits of Resveratrol found in more than 200 Bottles of French Red Wine

    VINTAGE RESVERATORL 100% is 100% because it is the purest and most natural form of Resveratrol - the same source used in research.

    Good health. Salud. Vintage Resveratrol 100%
    They all mean the same thing. GOOD HEALTH...

    Vintage Resveratrol 100% is made exclusively from French red wine grapes, naturally high in resveratrol. And with recent scientific studies linking red wine resveratrol with longevity, it just might be the prime ingredient in a long - and healthy - life.


    Vintage Resveratrol 100% begins to work with the first capsule and the long-term benefit comes from extended use. We believe it is a wise investment into your health now and into your future. You will want to insure you take the best form of resveratrol, take the proper amount daily, and recieve your products from a reputable company with good prices.

    • 1,000mg Per Serving: Each serving consist of 1,000mg of French Red Wine Grape Extract yielding no less than 5% trans-resveratrol (the active ingredient). Active components also include the antioxidant values of Proanthocyanidins (OPC) and Wine Polyphenols. Absolutely No polygonum cuspidatum from China is used.

    • Vintage Resveratrol 100% uses only French Red Wine Grape Extract, from an area in France known for the highest yields of Resveratrol. No other place in the world delivers comparable resveratrol yields.

    • Vintage Resveratrol 100% has an ORAC of 7,200. This is the highest reported ORAC score for resveratrol. The ORAC value measures the scavenging capacity of an antioxidant against the peroxyl radical.


    • Bioavailability is how effective any micronutrient absorbs. Resveratrol has the opposite problem most micronutrients have. It absorbs too fast and therefore taking it can be rendered useless. Vintage Resveratrol 100% uses the same source of French Red Wine Grape Extract used in all major university research - and by increasing the serving size to 2 capsules daily Vintage Resveratrol 100% makes it possible for you to take 1 capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon - thus improving your results.

    • Vintage Resveratrol 100% provides concentrated levels of Polyphenols, Proanthocyanidins (OPC), and trans-resveratrol as well. Resveratrol exists in both trans and cis-forms. Only the trans-form resveratrol however is capable of activating the mammalian SIRT1 gene, and is generally cited in literature as being biologically active.


    • Vintage Resveratrol 100% is made fresh every 4-6 weeks! It never sits in a hot warehouse or on a store shelf. Resveratrol is a time-sensitive nutrient and preserving its integrity is important. Being made fresh and delivered directly to you from the lab improves bioavailability and efficacy.

    • Active Components: Proanthocyanidins (OPC), Wine Polyphenols with 5% Wine Trans-Resveratrol from French Red Wine Grape Extract. Absolutely No polygonum cuspidatum from China is used in this product.

    60 Capsules Per Bottle
    2 Capsules = 1 Serving
    Suggested Use: Take 2 or more capsule daily.

    Supplement Facts

    Vitis Vinifera Resveratrol (from French red wine yielding no less than 5% trans-resveratrol) glycosides with 40% Polyphenols, Proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, and flavonoids
    Other Ingredients: Calcium & Magnesium Citrate, No FILLERS OR PRESERVATIVES, Gluten Free,

    Suggested Use: Take 2-12 capsules per day.

    Resveratrol Blog

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    What Is Resveratrol?

    Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound produced by plants in response to fungal infections, injury, and stress and UV radiation. It's considered a part of their natural "defense system," protecting their delicate tissues from illness and disease.

    Resveratrol is found in grapevinesóin the vines, roots, seeds and stalksówith its highest concentration being in the grape skin. Resveratrol is also found in raspberries, mulberries, peanuts and other plants.

    Red wine, made from grapes, contains high levels of resveratrol. It's extracted during the wine--making process along with other Polyphenols, including Quercetin, catechins and prodelphidins during a process called maceration.

    How Does Resveratrol Affect Your Health?

    Nearly ten years ago scientists suggested that French red wine consumption may be responsible for the "French paradox" whereas he French people had a notably low occurrence of cardiovascular complications although they ate diet relatively high fat calorie diet -possibly higher than the average American's diet but cardio vascular disease in America has been the number one cause of prematur death.

    Researchers believe that the resveratrol in French red wine is responsible for its protective effects on human health. As an antioxidant Polyphenols, resveratrol works to counter oxidative damage to human cells and tissues caused by unstable molecules called free radicals.

    Free radicals, generated by normal body processes such as breathing and digestion and also from exposure to pollution, toxins and UV radiation, "attack" healthy cells, damaging important parts of their structure, including proteins, membranes and DNA. Free radical damage to cells is associated with a variety of health complications, including cardiovascular and immune issues. It's also believed to play a part in the aging process.

    What Proof Is There That Resveratrol Works?

    A recent landmark study from Harvard Medical School, published in the medical journal Nature, found that high doses of resveratrol allowed obese mice to eat a high fat diet and still live a long and healthy life.

    Researchers discovered that the liver and other systems in obese mice remained healthy (when they should not have) and fat--related deaths dropped 31 percent for those mice given a resveratrol supplement.

    Do I Have to Drink Red Wine to Obtain Resveratrol?

    Findings from published scientific literature indicate that resveratrol may be the most effective plant extract for maintaining optimal health and promoting longevity. Resveratrol is a phytoalexin, a natural plant antibiotic which is produced by Vitis vinifera as a response to attack by molds. Because of the widespread use of pesticides in modern wine-making, including the practice of copper sulphation, the level of resveratrol in modern wines has plummeted.

    Red wine contains resveratrol, but the quantity varies depending on where the grapes are grown, the time of harvest and other factors. In fact, usually only one to three mg of resveratrol per liter of red wine is currently found, even in the most robust red wines. After years of relentless research, a standardized resveratrol extract is now available as a dietary supplement.

    Separating Folklore, Myth, and Facts

    Resveratrol is increasingly in the news although many companies like Natural Biology have been offering products containing naturally occurring Resveratrol for the past 7 years - and while most companies are new to Resveratrol we have been offering Vintage Resveratrol 100% since 2006 (since then we've made 6 different improvements to the process and formula). With all the hype however comes a lot of bad information. Here are some of the most common myths people are led to believe by internet marketers, blogs, and the sometimes even the Press.

    The Most Common Resveratrol Myths
    Separating Fact, Folklore, & Fiction

    • Drinking red wine increases resveratrol is not entirely true: Most red wines do not have any resveratrol and of those that do are very low in resveratrol. "The French Paradox" comes from French people who drink wine daily from France; whereas, certain French wines from specific regions and vineyards are known to have a higher than normal resveratrol content. This is the source of Natural Biology's resveratrol products and is included in Vintage Resveratrol 100% at 1,000mg oer serving. It is also included in our EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula at 600mg per serving size.

    • All Red Wine Extracts have resveratrol: Actually most do not have any at all. Again, only those extracts taken from a certain region in France have high resveratrol content - and again, this is the same material used in major research and provided in Natural Biology Vintage Resveratrol 100%.

    • Polygonum Cuspidatum (Japanese Knot Root) has a higher resveratrol content than French Red Wine Grape Extract: There is an abundance of polygonum cuspidatum grown in China. It actually has lower resveratrol content than the good French Red Wine Grape Extracts; however, it comes from 1% to 98% extract strengths. The USA market is flooded with 10% polygonum cuspidatum - and unless the label from a reputable company states otherwise it is always less than 10%. All polygonum cuspidatum under 50% has a higher emodium content which is not advisable.

    • You need to add Quercetin to improve the absorption of resveratrol: There was one study that reported this however they failed to mention the problem with resveratrol is it is readily absorbed and the real problem is utilization. Natural Biology has discovered providing freshly made resveratrol products that never sit in hot warehouses improves utilization - and we could not validate adding Quercetin improved utilization at all. This myth was discounted some years ago although a few companies continue to say it does. It doesn't.

    • Polygonum Cuspidatum is a reliable source of resveratrol: The answer is maybe but don't count on it. All the material comes from China and none of it is GMP certified in-country and third-party analysis actually demonstrates label claims seldom match content. Right now, it is a questionable source of resveratrol - and we are always skeptical of Chinese imports unless analysis is above reproach.

    • Most internet companies selling resveratrol know supplements: We wish this were true but recently Oprah and Dr. Oz sued over 20 internet companies for falsely using their names to promote resveratrol products. Likewise, a lot of companies pretend to have permission from the TV networks to use their video feeds but they do not.

    • The free trails for resveratrol are a good offer: All the offers we've seen are just the opposite. After a 10 day free trial you generally get charged $85 for an inferior polygonum cuspidatum product that most reputable companies would not offer in the first place. Many of these companies are tied to ACAI weight loss type products and porn type products like Extenz - all rip-offs.

    • Buying 98% polygonum cuspidatum is really worth the investment: Two problems! One, hopefully what you are paying for is 98% - most companies offering this is not mainstream supplement companies! Two, even if you receive the 98% material you paid for, it is over-kill. Your body can only utilize so much at a time. Resveratrol has the opposite problem most micro-nutrients have. It absorbs too fast; therefore, the best application is to take smaller amounts through-out the day.

    • Someone said they purchased pure resveratrol: It would currently cost about $25 per pill if you did! It cost over $15,000 per pound today and is synthetically made. It is why researchers are working hard to come up with a patentable product they can market through the drug companies and make billions! Currently the only way to obtain resveratrol is through plant sources in the form of extracts. By the way, we believe nature usually ends up offering the best solution, but we will keep an open mind to see what the future holds.

    • Nitrogen packing capsules improves utilization of resveratrol capsules: There is no such thing a nitrogen packed capsules or enteric coated capsules for resveratrol. Nitrogen packing is used in certain powders; however, it is just not necessary for capsules. Likewise, this entire process would be over-kill and add cost to a normal capsule which once sealed is air-tight and accomnplishes the same results. It just better to get your natural resveratrol products freshly made than to buy into this myth.

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